Safe Hugs Window Reunites Husband and Wife

Apr, 13, 2020

With the spread of Covid-19, senior care facilities have adopted new safety measures in order to keep residents healthy and safe. While these precautions are completely necessary, it can be hard on both the residents and their families. George Glass couldn’t bear to leave his wife, Jan Glass, of 61 years alone in the memory care facility where she lives in Fayetteville Georgia. Physical touch was an essential part of their communication, as her dementia often left her confused when talking to loved ones over the phone. 

Soon, George and Jan’s Daughter, Cindy Shinaberger, stepped in to help. With her background in Physics, Shinaberger was able to create a completely safe and sanitary solution that allowed her parents to once again be in each other’s embrace. Using an Acrylic window and disposable gloves, the window prevents at risk residents from being contaminated while still allowing them to hug their loved ones. It is so sweet to see that love has no boundaries and can endure even the toughest of times.

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