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What is an at rep?

An ALMOST THERE Rep is going to be someone who is very passionate about the environment, and loves to make a statement with fashion. They are a rockstar at getting involved at their campus, and love to have their voice heard. As an AT Rep, they will have various responsibilities of promoting the ALMOST THERE brand by promoting their personal affiliate codes, and continuing to do good in their community. All of our Reps will be able to connect with each other and be able to receive fantastic mentor and leadership opportunities, along with commission based on sales they’ve driven.

Rep Requirements
  • Sophomore year and above (undergraduate & graduate)
  • 2.5k+ followers
  • Must have a history of working with social causes
  • Must LOVE fashion
  • Demonstrates strong sense of self on social media
  • Must have strong relationships/connections to promoting our product through other social media outlets (for example: Greek life Instagram)
  • Passionate about Almost There
  • Believe in promoting size inclusivity and diversity

  • Three month commitment - option to extend
  • Two grid posts - twice a month story posts
  • Must bring at least 50-100 followers to the brand
  • Driving sales - customer acquisition
  • Promo code to share with friends - commission sales driven
  • Free styles to show to followers
  • Do-good project - do something good for your campus
  • Promote and engage with the brand

  • Commission based on performance
  • Receive one dress + tote
  • Opportunity to style outfit
  • Contest: whoever creates the best performance rate, opportunity to get free ticket to LA to create style w/ Celine and have photoshoot in it
  • Great resume experience, exclusive program
  • Social media exposure
  • Have community for support and mentorship opportunities for career development

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